Why are we relocating the playground?

    ·  Relocating the playground & any associated furniture further north away from the existing indigenous trees is preferable since these trees may present a future risk to playground users

    ·  Relocating the playground away from carpark will reduce the risk associated with children playing in close proximity a road and car park 

    Will the existing trees be affected?

    ·  Trees located in the playground & carpark areas are presently suffering due to compaction of soil in their critical root zone area and require management procedures to assist in their recovery

    ·  The work associated with the road and car park will improve the health of these trees and reduce soil compaction by controlling traffic activity and preventing vehicles from parking underneath them

    How many parking spaces will there be?

    ·  The proposed structured carpark will introduce 14 defined carparks, including disabled and motorcycle spaces.

    ·  There is an additional parking area located at the Sunset Cove boat ramp carpark, approximately 200m from the project site. 

    What is happening with the APEX Club BBQ?

    ·  The APEX Club BBQ will be upgraded to include a new shelter structure and retrofitted hot plate

    ·  The existing Butch’s memorial sign will be protected, retained and reinstated within the new shelter

    How can I be involved?

    ·  Review the Paynesville Foreshore Management Plan and the project plans in the Document Library or at a Customer Service Centre.

    ·  Complete the short survey online or visit a Customer Service Centre to get a hardcopy of the survey or download one here. Return hardcopy surveys to the Paynesville Community Centre at 55 The Esplanade, Paynesville or in the mail by the due date, allowing time for processing throuh the postal system.