Why is council undertaking this project?

    Council is undertaking this project as it is clear that there is a need to update planning for this area and develop a concept plan that can be implemented and will support the important boating and lake access role that this site plays. The Paynesville Business and Tourism Association, has identified the improvement of the Slip Road area as one of their five top priorities for Paynesville, This work funded by   the Victorian State Government will enable this work to be undertaken..  The Victorian Government has also committed to providing $1.1M to upgrade the Slip Road foreshore and the Australian Government through the Regional Recovery Partnership has provided an addition $1M.  This will enable the construction of a new seawall south of the existing boat ramp and a boardwalk.  This means that the concept plan won’t be a plan that sits on a shelf unfunded.

    Who is funding the project?

    The Victorian Government is funding this project.  The $250,000 grant for planning has been provided by the Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions.  The Victorian Government has also committed the $1.1M to the Slip Road Maritime Precinct construction. The Australian Government through the Regional Recovery Partnership has provided an additional $1M to enable the construction of the seawall north of the existing boat ramp and the boardwalk.  In addition council were invited to apply to the Victorian Government for a further $4M which will enable the jetties to be installed and the second boat ramp at the northern end of the site.  Council are awaiting for the outcome of this  grant application.

    Is the project fully funded?

    The funding already committed by the Victorian State Government is insufficient to fund the full scope of the concept plans as described.  Should Council be granted the additional funding that has been applied for then the project will be fully funded.

    What is included in the scope of the project?

    The current funding provided to date is expected to fund planning and concept and detailed designs, a new seawall north of the existing boat jetty and a board walk.  Should Council be granted additional funding that has been applied for this will enable the construction of the jetties, new boat ramp at the northern end of the site, improved car parking, internal roads, shared pedestrian paths, landscaping, and BBQ spaces.  As part of the funding provided the existing amenity block has already been renovated and it is proposed to incorporate Aboriginal story-telling into the site.

    When will building start?

    Construction of the new seawall works will commence mid 2021.

    Will there be more berths provided?

    Should additional funding be granted by the State Government as per the current grant application then more berths will be provided.  These will be a mix of annual, itinerant, valet and working berths.

    Has council consulted with the community on this project ?

    Council undertook broad based community consultation on the project in December 2020.  The concept plan that was taken to the community is shown in the attachments on the Council website (concept plan version 1).  Also attached in the website is a document summarising the outputs of the community consultation.

    How did council consider community input ?

    The ideas that came from the community have enabled the concept plan to be significantly improved.   The original proposed bund was removed which made space for additional car-parking.  More car-parking was provided at the southern end of the site near the existing marina.  In addition a second boat ramp is proposed at the northern end of the site (originally it had been proposed to widen the existing ramp).  This additional boat ramp will enable more separation between the public and the marine services industry who also use the ramp.

    How can I get more information ?

    You can get more information on the project by phone to the Project Manager Jenny Bailey who can be contacted on 0408 400 659 or jennybai@egipps.vic.gov.au

    Who is in the reference group?

    Council has established a reference group to guide the project.  Members of the reference group include:



    Department of Environment, Land Water and Planning

    Jeremy Neilson

    East Gippsland Shire Council

    Fiona Weigall

    Tom Weatherall

    Jenny Bailey

    Gunaikurnai Land and Water Aboriginal Corporation 

    Marc Higgins

    Gippsland Ports

    Chris Waites

    Paynesville Business and Tourism Association

    Martin Richardson

    Tamara Cook

    Destination Gippsland

    Nick Murray

    Regional Development Victoria

    Claire Connolly

    Bill Dahlsen

    Local resident

    Tony Webster

    Boating Industry Association Victoria

    Will the boat ramp be upgraded?

    The existing boat ramp will get some repairs.  It is proposed to construct a new boat ramp at the northern end of the site which will significantly boost the capacity for launch and retrieval of boats from the site.

    Will parking for boats and trailers be impacted?

    A  similar amount of parking will continue to be provided, though there may be some changes and improvements to parking layout

    Will any existing berths be impacted?

    It is not expected that any of the existing berths at Paynesville Boat Harbour North will be impacted by the works.

    The concept plan shows a potential bridge. Will this impact access to Mariner's Cove ?

    Some members of the community have expressed an interest in providing a crossing over the canal so that pedestrians can walk north along the foreshore from the Paynesville township to the Slip Road site and up to Gippsland Ports.  Such a crossing would be one of an openable bridge, a tunnel or a punt/ferry to ensure that boats could still access Mariner’s Cove.  Each of these options are expensive.  Council is currently undertaking a cost benefit analysis to determine if such an investment should be undertaken. This crossing is currently unfunded.  

    In the meantime council is constructing a shared path on the north side of King Street and planning to upgrade signage and the lane surface to enable the trip for pedestrians and cyclists across the King Street Bridge more attractive and accessible.

    What if my berth has to be relocated?

    It is not expected that any of the berths at Paynesville Boat Harbour North will need to be reallocated.

    What is the role of Gippsland Ports?

    Gippsland Ports manage the berths in the vicinity of the project site.  Gippsland Ports are working closely with Council on this project.

    Will there be any impact on the Maritime Industry?

    The concept plan includes; widened boat jetty, provision for future vertical lift launching options and the provision of a ‘working berth’ where work can be done on boats at the jetty for low impact activities without having to slip the boats at Gippsland Ports.   There is ongoing communication with the business owners on the project.

    Who will be doing the work?

    At this stage no tenders have been let for the project, but the works will be undertaken by contractors managed through East Gippsland Shire Council’s processes.

    Is any land proposed to be rezoned?

    There are no proposals to rezone any land.

    What about the old Bulls Cruisers site?

    Gippsland Ports has no immediate plans to seek a new tenant for the site.  Once upgrade works have been done on site Gippsland Ports may seek  a commercial provider of boat hire.  Provision in the plans has been made for such a facility.

    What about the Curlip ?

    There is no place for the Curlip within the redevelopment.  Council are currently working through options for the future home of the Curlip.