Metung Village Green Waste Bins Proposal

Existing Conditions

Located at the north-east corner of the Metung Village Green is a concrete pavement upon which sits numerous 240 litre wheelie bins. This paved area is semi-enclosed on three sides by a dilapidated timber fence. The enclosure is open to the roadside at Kurnai Avenue.

The primary intended purpose for these bins is for residents of Mosquito Point to dispose of

household rubbish. The bins are also available to boats utilising the itinerate casual berthing on the Metung public jetty. However, due to the unrestricted access of the current bin enclosure, anecdotal evidence suggests that large amounts of household rubbish from the public is being dumped in these bins, reducing the effectiveness and capacity of providing adequate disposal for Mosquito Point residents.

Consequently, an increasing number of 240 litre bins have been added to the current enclosure to meet the demand of dumped rubbish. There are currently 14 wheelie bins in the enclosure, resulting in a negative impact on the visual amenity of this prime public space, while still not satisfactorily ensuring bin capacity is available for Mosquito Point residents.

Image 1 & 2 – Existing conditions - wheelie bin enclosure, dilapidated fencing, northern corner of Village Green.

Needs Analysis

A dedicated quantity of bins located in Metung is required solely for use by Mosquito Point residents.

Council collection is non-existent at Mosquito Point and these residents have no other means of

rubbish disposal. Access to dedicated bins by approved Mosquito Point residents should be by lock and key or pin-code to restrict unauthorised use by the public.

The proposed restricted access dedicated to Mosquito Point residents will result in a vastly reduced requirement for bin capacity, and therefore a reduced number of bins at the Village Green and an improvement to the visual amenity of this prime public space.

The council roll-out of standardised stainless-steel public-use bin enclosures across the region has been positive for the visual amenity of East Gippsland’s public spaces. Nine sets of these Marshall Brewer enclosures have been added recently to the central Metung Village area providing abundant quantity of public waste disposal.


Demolish the existing dilapidated timber fence structure. Retain the existing concrete slab.

Construct a new contemporary stainless-steel enclosure at the eastern end of the concrete slab

to house six 240 litre wheelie bins. These will be the bins dedicated for the use of Mosquito Point residents. This enclosure shall be constructed in perforated stainless-steel for low maintenance and will be consistent in appearance with the rollout of the Marshall Brewer bins in Metung and elsewhere in East Gippsland.

The new enclosure will be smaller in scale than the existing dilapidated timber fencing, with

dimensions approximately 2.4m wide x 2.0m deep x 1.8m high.

The eastern face of the enclosure will have opening doors, enabling approved Mosquito Point

residents to unlock the enclosure to dispose of their household rubbish into the bins. These doors will also enable the waste collection company to extract the bins for emptying. The waste

collection company will empty these six bins daily during peak periods.

Located adjacent to the new enclosure, on the same concrete slab, will be a set of the Marshall

Brewer stainless-steel bin enclosures for general street and boat waste/recycling. These bins will be relocated from the adjacent traffic island – a location which has raised safety concerns due to the necessity to cross the road twice in order to utilise bins in that location.

Impression perspective south elevation showing secure bin enclosure for Mosquito Point residents and adjacent stainless-steel Marshall Brewer bins facing the Village Green for public street and boat waste, all sitting on concrete slab (concrete slab not clearly shown).

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