Community Panel

26 Apr 2018

Community Panel

Following a call for nominations from the public, a Community Panel has now been selected and will act as a key link between the consultant team, Council and local people. The Community Panel is comprised of local business owners, stakeholders and residents. They will provide advice and commentary on key projects and strategies for Lakes Entrance.

The Panel:

  • Represent a range of community perspectives from different sectors and interest groups within the Lakes Entrance community;

  • Guide Council on how to maximise community input to nominated plans or strategies, including the LEGAS;

  • Share local knowledge between key community stakeholders and local authorities;

  • Act as a sounding board for Council; and

  • Act as ambassadors from different community groups and share perspectives and points of view.

Community Panel members and their community connections:

  • David Stuckey: Commercial land owner, Support worker
  • Peter Jones: Voice of Lakes Entrance, LEADA, Past Rotarian, Marine Mammal Foundation, Community events
  • Arthur Allen: LefTrade, Rotarian, Cemetery Trust, St Brendan’s, GLCC
  • Claire Allsopp: New to Lakes Entrance and establishing connections
  • Jennifer North: Rotary and broad community interest and involvement
  • Kevin Barling: Broad community connection and interest in the future of Lakes Entrance
  • Geof Bassett: Country Fire Authority - Brigade Captain and Local Business Owner
  • Ted Hare: Seniors, past school principal
  • Lauren Barlow: Past president of VOLE, Commbank Manager
  • David Holding: Lakes Entrance Historical Society, Gippsland Ports Maritime Services Manager
  • Bruce Hurley: Seniors, LEADA, Rotary, connections with Aboriginal community, Table Tennis, community health background
  • Bobbie Hall: Dance, arts and culture
  • Peter Johnstone: Gippsland Coastal Board, Destination Gippsland, GLMAC, LEADA, Nature Tourism emphasis
  • Ewan Fotheringham: Golf, Junior Football, fishing industry
  • Jamie O'Donnell: Broad community interest, particular interesting in facilities for youth and activities, Lakes Entrance Amateur Basketball Association President, Lakes Entrance Youth and Recreation Centre Committee Member

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