Will there be other features included?

    As part of the broad master planning for Lookout Road site (and largely the subject of the survey), we're seeking feedback on what should be included , for example amenities, BBQs, seating, nature play, landscaping, and commercial opportunities.

    How will we cater for increased traffic to the site?

    we are working on a plan to realign the access road and create a larger parking area to cater for cars, buses and caravans.

    What is GLaWACs involvement in the project?

    We have been working closely with GLaWAC since the inception of the overall project. GLaWAC will be providing installations at the Hotel Road site, at various points along the walking trail between the two sites culminating in a main installation at the Lookout Road site.

    What is the project cost?

    East Gippsland Shire Council has gained partial funding from the Federal Government (50:50 split) as part of the Building Better Regions Fund to build the new lookout platforms.

    The total project budget for stages one and two is $1.5 million.