Why are all the stage one concept design options shown circular in shape and form?

The four options have been designed to both meet the site constraints and to maximise the panoramic views available.

All the concepts are also designed to offer unimpeded access to all by incorporating wheelchair access and minimal gradient changes.

They are also designed in a way which will allow council to achieve its target construction completion date of Christmas 2019.

Why was a circular /loop’ form designed?

The circular ‘loop’ concept has many benefits for a structure of this nature: it is a continuous experience as opposed to “out and back” or “up and down”. It’s conducive to the panoramic views to be experienced and it has further efficiencies in terms of structure and area of cladding materials used.

Will the new platforms be safely accessible for people of all abilities?

Absolutely, it has been one of the main drivers of the design proposal. A very gentle curved concrete ramp takes one to the circular viewing platform that also fans out in width so one in a wheelchair can comfortably turn around and exit the structure without any impediments.

Why would you make tall screens and close in the back of the structure?

The idea is to not only screen (visual / acoustic) the road side of the lookout but also to make the structure appear as an object of curiosity you want to explore.

Will the high screen designs impede ocean views when I drive into Kalimna from Bairnsdale / change my sense of arrival?

No, the proposed structure is in the same position as the existing platform and the highest point of the screen is approximately the same height as the hand rails on the existing elevated platform.

Why is the new structure not a raised platform like the existing structure?

Mainly for reasons of equality, the proposal is for a viewing platform that is fundamentally a level surface projecting out from the escarpment that is freely accessible for all, rather than an elevated vantage point that discriminates against people with disabilities.

Will there be a reduction in parking?

No, the existing parking spaces will remain as the design sits within the existing footprint.

What is the construction timeline?

We aim to have completed construction of stage one (the new smaller replacement platform on Hotel Road) by Christmas 2019.

The major platform at Lookout Road site (stage two) is expected to be delivered late 2020.

Will there be other features included?

Directional and interpretive signage and other features will all be included as part of the overall project. A feature of the stage one design is an area to showcase indigenous heritage and culture.

What is the project cost?

East Gippsland Shire Council has gained partial funding from the Federal Government (50:50 split) as part of the Building Better Regions Fund to build the new lookout platforms.

The total project budget for stages one and two is $1.5 million.