What is the Council Plan?

    Every four years councillors develop a Council Plan that sets the major direction for Council. Making sure we understand and reflect the aspirations of our community, investors, service providers and visitors is an important part of developing the Council Plan.

    What is the Community Vision?

    The Community Vision represents the community’s vision until 2030 including  six key strategic themes identified by the community as critical to the future of East Gippsland

    How long do I have to complete the survey?

    We will be conducting our Community Perceptions Survey from 3 December 2020 to 29 January 2021. We encourage you to have your say on the future of the shire. East Gippsland has dealt with the impacts of drought, major bushfires, COVID-19 and industry changes over recent years, and we expect that these will bring changes to the way we all, including Council, continue to live and do business.

    Is the survey the only way I can provide feedback?

    This survey is the first step in engaging with the community to develop the Council Plan and will also be used to review the Community Long Term Vision. There will be other dedicated engagement activities in 2021, so we encourage you to look out for these and participate where you can.

    What is the purpose of the survey?

    The new Council is seeking input from the community about all services, supports and interactions including the development of the Council Plan.

    Where will the survey be available?

    The survey is available on our website or hard copies can be collected at any of our customer service centres. It will also be distributed to local community groups.

    What other data will you be using to develop the Council Plan and the Community Vision?

    In addition to this survey we will also be using information sourced from previous community forums and engagement, including bushfire recovery, business groups and place planning, to inform the development of this plan.

    I have already completed a similar survey do I still need to complete this survey?

    You may have participated in a similar survey late in 2018 that focused on specific communities. There will be similarities between the questions asked, but this survey has a broader focus.

    Is the survey confidential?

    All details and individual responses are confidential.