Why is council undertaking the project?

    Quality public open space contributes to the character and liveability of a place and is vital in facilitating social inclusion.

    In 2015 the Mallacoota community identified the need for a multipurpose, accessible community building to act as a base for the many clubs and groups that exist in the area.

    The Mallacoota Community Clubrooms project will deliver the highest priority infrastructure proposal from the Mallacoota Recreation Reserve Master Plan, and serve the community now and into the future.

    What is included in the scope of the project?

    There are several components to the overall project. The main component is a 500m2 multipurpose building inclusive of a multipurpose room, toilets, changerooms, kitchen facilities and a meeting room. 

    Who is funding the project?

    The total cost of all building and associated work is approximately $1.3 million.

    The Australian Government provided $250,000 funding from the Community Development Grants Programme and $725,590 from the Building Better Regions Fund.

    East Gippsland Shire will contribute $350,000 to the delivery of the project.

    When will the building works start?

    Building will commence in early 2019 and be completed by late December 2019.

    Who will be doing the work?

    The majority of the work will be completed by Mallacoota based builders and contractors.

    Will the new building have an impact on the cricket nets?

    Yes, the new building will occupy the site of the cricket nets. These will be relocated as part of the project.

    Who will manage the building once it is it is complete?

    The Mallacoota Recreation Reserve and Hall Committee will manage the Clubroom and Storage Facilities.

    How can I learn more about the project?

    On this website you can view the final design, download the Mallacoota Recreation Reserve Master Plan, ask us a question or read latest news about the project.

    For further information about the delivery of the project, please contact Anthony Nelson, Strategic Projects Planner, 5153 9500 or feedback@egipps.vic.gov.au.

    Who do I contact about the new building or storage facilities?

    When the project is complete and the new facilities are operational, please contact the Mallacoota Recreation Reserve and Halls Committee.