About the Eagle Point Precinct Structure Plan

    Eagle Point is a small town located approximately 13km south-east of Bairnsdale and has a close relationship to the larger town of Paynesville, located to its immediate east. Characterised by its undulating topography, impressive views that capture a range of landscapes and vistas, vegetation, drainage lines and its highly popular foreshore area; development of the town has been directly influenced by the locality’s natural features and attributes.

    The Eagle Point Precinct Structure Plan process commenced in 2012 in conjunction with a town planning consultant however the desired outcomes were not achieved and this consultancy was ended. The project was revived in 2016 via a new partnership between council and Mesh Planning. Mesh Planning have incorporated feedback received from the community that was gathered back in 2012 into the current Emerging Options Paper.

    The Eagle Point Precinct Structure Plan will help guide land use and development within the town over the longer term. It will identify objectives, strategies and actions that will carry the vision of the town that seeks to protect and enhance its established character, in the context of its lifestyle and tourism role within the region.

    As part of the structure plan process, an Emerging Options Paper has been prepared which provides two options for the future use and development within Eagle Point. The Emerging Options Paper is the document that is the subject of this consultation period and the results of the consultation will help to define which option forms the basis of the Precinct Structure Plan. 

    The Precinct Structure Plan will provide a clear vision for future growth that reflects the desires of the local community for a town that is attractive, familiar, well serviced and connected.

    Why does Eagle Point need a Structure Plan?

    As an alternative to reacting to the development proposals of individual landowners, a structure plan provides a proactive guide to the overall layout of the town. This will make sure that expansion happens in an efficient manner, with well-connected streets and pedestrian routes, appropriate recreation spaces, foreshore reserves and drainage facilities, and an overall look and feel that makes it an attractive place to live.

    The Precinct Structure Plan, if adopted and included in the East Gippsland Planning Scheme, will provide a basis for future decisions about growth of the town.

    What does the Emerging Options Paper cover?

    The Emerging Options Paper has considered the existing area in terms of character, movement networks, views, open space, biodiversity, cultural heritage, hydrology and key nodes which has then informed the preparation of two different options for the future of Eagle Point.

    How will the Emerging Options Paper be used?

    Once an option has been chosen after the consultation period, a Precinct Structure Plan based upon that option will be prepared. We will ask the community for their feedback on the Precinct Structure Plan before a final version is prepared for adoption by council.

    Once the final Precinct Structure Plan is adopted by council, it will set the guidelines to be followed by land developers as they apply for subdivision and development. It will be included in the East Gippsland Planning Scheme and used as a reference document in deciding those future applications. Each individual subdivision will need to demonstrate conformity with the overall plan.

    How you can get involved

    A short survey is available to complete online or at one of the Customer Service Centres noted below.

    The feedback process concludes at 5.00pm Wednesday July 26, 2017 noting that council officers need to receive hard copy submissions by the closing date. Please allow up to five (5) days for postal delivery.

    Online feedback: Can be made by completing the survey on this web page.

    Written feedback: Hardcopies of the documents can also be viewed at the Customer Service Centres noted below.

    Bairnsdale - Service Centre: 24 Service Street

    Paynesville: 55 The Esplanade

    Once completed, please return the survey to:

    Nicole Reynolds or Kellinde Chester

    PO Box 1618, Bairnsdale, Vic 3875

    Email: feedback@egipps.vic.gov.au