Gippsland Community Energy Leadership Training (Nov 2020 - Feb 2021) FREE

Take advantage of this free training.

Community energy projects can benefit the Gippsland region by providing jobs, financial returns, a greater sense of community connection and environmental benefits. We have developed an online learning program to help the Gippsland community to participate in community energy projects with greater confidence, support and impact.

Are you interested in supporting community energy in Gippsland? Do you want to build your leadership skills?

The online learning program is open to anyone from the Gippsland region who is interested in learning more about community energy projects and how to make them happen.

There will be six sessions. These will build on each other to create a learning journey, so you will get the most benefit if you attend all the sessions. However, you can choose to attend as many or as few as you want.

  1. Getting started: A map for the journey. An introduction to community energy and the stages in the journey to make a community energy project happen. What does it mean to be a community energy leader (12 noon - 1.30pm, Tuesday 24th November)
  2. First steps: Building your community. This session focuses on how to bring together a core team, engage the wider community and develop a shared vision for your community energy project (12 noon - 2pm, Tuesday 1st December).
  3. Finding your way: Making tough decisions. Moving from a great idea to a feasible community energy project requires making tough decisions about technologies, site, governance and organisational models. This session focuses on how to approach those decisions (12 noon - 2pm, Tuesday 8th December).
  4. Funding the journey: Business cases and fundraising. Community energy projects are fuelled by passion but they need to work financially too. This session looks at business models, business cases and fundraising (12 noon - 2pm, Tuesday 2nd February 2021).
  5. Destination in sight: Approvals and operation. This session explores how to navigate approval processes, the construction phase and operation of the community energy project (12 noon - 2pm, Tuesday 9th February 2021).
  6. Looking back, looking forward: Celebrating the journey. This short final session reflects on what we have learned, celebrates the journey and seeks feedback on next steps for community energy leadership in Gippsland (12.30pm - 1.30pm, Tuesday 16th February 2021).

Book here for FREE training being run the the University of Technology Sydney (UTS):

The course will be presented by Professor Chris Riedy, Katie Ross and Fiona Berry from the Institute for Sustainable Futures. Click on their names to see their profiles.

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