What are the next steps for the Bemm River boat ramp replacement at Luderick Point? (January-March 2017)

    We recently asked the Bemm River community what they wanted to see in the final designs for the Luderick Point Boating Facility upgrade. Consultation closed on Monday 20 February 2017.

    Results of the survey have been collated into a report that indicates what respondents consider are the important requirements of a new facility.

    You can download the report here.

    The final design has been used to develop the necessary plans and specifications that will now be used as the basis of the contract tender documents.

    A public tender process commenced in early mid-March 2017.

    The construction contract will be awarded at the 6 June 2017 Council Meeting.

    Construction is scheduled to commence in late June or July and be completed by mid-September 2017.

    Further and regular updates will be provided once a contract has been awarded in early June.

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    How can I submit feedback to the Luderick Point Boat Ramp and Jetty design options?

    We invite you to comment on the final design options by viewing the plans on Your Say East Gippsland.

    A short survey is available to complete.

    The feedback process concludes at 5.00pm, 20 February 2017.

    Online submissions

    Online submissions can be made by completing the survey on Your Say East Gippsland.

    Written submissions

    Hardcopies of the documents can also be viewed at the shire’s Customer Service Centres, during the hours of Monday to Friday 8.30am – 5:00pm, with the exception of Mallacoota.

    Bairnsdale - Service Centre: 24 Service Street

    Lakes Entrance: 18 Mechanics Street
    Omeo: 179 Day Avenue

    Orbost: 1 Ruskin Street

    Paynesville: 55 The Esplanade

    Mallacoota: 70 Maurice Avenue

    Monday and Tuesday 10.00 am - 2.00 pm, 

    Wednesday, Thursday and Friday 2.00 pm - 5.00 pm

    Once completed, please return the survey to:

    Anthony Nelson

    Strategic Projects Planner

    PO Box 1618, Bairnsdale, Vic 3875

    Facsimile: (03) 5153 9576


    Update on Luderick Point boating facilities (Nov 2016)

    Feedback from the community is currently being sought regarding the design of the new Luderick Point boating facility.

    The objective of the survey is to determine what people believe are the important design characteristics for the new facility. Three design concepts with various attributes are included as examples of a potential design and demonstrate a range of options including: position of the floating jetty, configuration or shape of the floating jetty, and angle of the new dual lane boat ramp.

    Survey feedback will be used to guide the development plans of draft plans suitable for the next stage of internal and external consultation. The main components of the new facility will likely include a new dual lane boat ramp, floating jetty, dredging and solar lighting. Specific design detail will be determined at the draft and final plan stages. Comments on the draft and final design will again be sought from the community and agencies in early 2017.

    Once the design is finalised the Shire will undertake a public tender process for the construction of the new facilities. It is anticipated that the construction of the new facilities will occur during the winter months of 2017.

    What's happening with the Bemm River boat ramp replacement at Luderick Point? (August 2016)

    As an outcome of the Bemm River Community Plan, and the Bemm River Foreshore Management Plan, the need to replace the Luderick Point Boat Ramp and upgrade the jetty facilities was identified as a high priority. Given the differing opinions on the type upgrade most suited to the location, an independent coastal engineer was engaged to assist with the project design. This design was then tendered.

    Unfortunately none of the tenders received are within the available budget and all prospective contractors indicated that the existing facility will need to be closed for an extended period during construction. For these reasons the current tender process has been concluded without a contract being awarded.

    Whilst it is disappointing that a contract has not been awarded, the Shire remains committed to delivering this very important upgrade project as soon as possible. Over the coming months the project scope and timing of delivery will be revised with a view to undertaking the work in the winter of 2017.

    The specific detail of the scope and delivery timing is yet to be determined but it is likely that the revised project scope will not include a new jetty on the south side of the boat ramp. Removing a new jetty from the project scope will significant reduce the overall cost. The construction period will likely be during June and July 2017. It is also highly likely the boat ramp site will be closed throughout the construction period.

    The Shire will continue to maintain the existing facilities throughout the coming busy season and through to the project commencing in mid-2017. We are currently seeking approval to undertake dredging work prior to the end of 2016 to ensure the existing facilities remain accessible during periods of low water.

    What are the key projects that have been achieved in Bemm River in 2015/2016?

    The Bemm River Community Action Plan captures the actions outlined in the Bemm River Community Plan, high priorities in the Foreshore Management Plan and other work undertaken by Bemm River Action Group (BRAG).

    There are four key place-based priorities:

    1. Improve fire mitigation and preparedness
    2. Improving safe access by foot and vehicles around our community
    3. Improving our environment, both natural and built: 
    4. Improving town economy through promotion as a destination for outdoor focused tourism. (canoeing, fishing, walking, bird watching)

    Both the Shire and BRAG are responsible for the progress of community plan actions and the Shire's key projects delivered and outcomes achieved in 2015/2016 are noted below.


    • Supported community on proposed Men’s Shed project
    • Supported development of an Action Plan linking Community Plan, Local Destination Plan and Foreshore Management Plan actions into timeframes and responsible groups/individuals in community and Council.


    • Build New Foreshore Toilet Block - Completed September 2015
    • Bemm River Caravan Park - Drainage
    • Bemm River Caravan Park Camp Kitchen extension: Design, documentation and permits completed. Construction 2017/18
    • Bemm River Caravan Park Toilet Block Replacement: Design, documentation and permits completed Construction 2016/17
    • Boat Ramp/Jetty Upgrade: Design/appropriate approvals completed  -  Construction 2016/2017 
    • Local Incident Management Plan - Review completed
    • Support re firebreak clearance and vegetation management
    • New Fire Shed: Emergency screen - Completed
    • Footpath plan as part of UDF Master plan - Completed
    • Implementation of Little Blue Dinosaur program/ Grant
    • Improved Road Signage leading into Bemm River


    • Community implementing Local Destination Action Plan including Town signage, membership to BETG, continued support 2016/17

    What will be the opening hours at the Bemm River Transfer Station once it is staffed?

    During peak season (November to April) the site will be open from 11.00am to 1.00pm.

    In off-peak season (May to October), the facility will be open two hours per day, four days per week from 11.00am to 1.00pm, with the preferred operating days being Monday, Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday.

    Will recycling be available at the new facility? What kinds of things will be accepted?

    Yes, recycling will be available. We will accept:

    • Household co-mingled recycling (glass, rigid plastic containers marked 1-7, paper and cardboard, aluminium and steel)
    • Car batteries
    • Scrap metal (items must be 90% metal, or will not be accepted as scrap metal)
    • Whitegoods

    *Please do not put your household recyclables into a plastic bag or mix general household (non-recyclable) waste with recyclables, this is called contamination. If the amount of contamination is too high, the whole vehicle load of recyclables may be rejected and diverted to landfill.

    Will you be placing extra general waste bins in town? Will there be recycling bins available as well?

    Yes, there are plans to install additional waste bins in town. We are still investigating installing recycling bins.

    What will the fees for disposal at the transfer station be?

    A list of waste disposal fees and charges can be found on the Council's website. We also have brochures available at our Service Centres and a sign board displayed at the facility.

    Will we still be able to dispose of litter waste collected from beaches and town through our community trailer free of charge?

    Yes, this arrangement will continue at the upgraded site.

    How will we dispose of green waste in Bemm River?

    Due to legislation requirements and operational constraints, acceptance of green waste at the site ceased as of 31 December 2015.  

    Council, as a commercial entity, is not permitted to burn green waste at any of its waste sites or under its operations, including land not managed by Council. It is also considered that mulching of green waste is not practically viable or financially feasible at these small sites. 

    As arranged at the last community consultation in June 2015, Council will be relinquishing a portion of the existing land, which will be fenced and managed by Bemm River Community to dispose their green waste.

    Why does Bemm River need a Your Say page?

    The Bemm River Your Say page has been developed to provide Bemm River residents, land owners and visitors with updates on several projects either planned for or underway in Bemm River. 

    Future news updates will be provided electronically as an email newsletter, Bemm River Connect. You’re encouraged to sign up to Bemm River Connect here and share the link and opportunity to subscribe to updates with people who may also be interested.